Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?

We are located at 717 North 2nd Street, Harrisburg, PA 17102, right in Historical Downtown Harrisburg, and about 20 minutes from Hershey.

Please note: if you are using a GPS, please make sure you select the “HARRISBURG” “17102” address, and not the “STEELTON” address.

What is the recommended age?

While nothing in our escape rooms would be considered inappropriate, our escape rooms are primarily designed for adults. The recommended ages for an escape room experience with us is generally high school and up.  

All youth under the age of 18 must be accompanied in the room by at least 1 paying and participating adult for every 2 youth. Even if the room is booked as private, no participants under the age of 15 are permitted in the Outbreak room. Children aged 12 and under are not recommended and will only be allowed in rooms booked as “Private” for your party. 

We do not recommend toddlers or infants in the rooms. For their safety we require small children/toddlers to held or kept in a stroller, sling, carrier etc. at all times when in the room. Our rooms are not designed for children and are not/should not be considered "child-safe." They are not to be let down on to the floor to ambulate by themselves. Often there are props and such staged within their reach.

Please email us if you have questions about our age policies before making your reservation.

Where should we park?

On-street parking with meters is generally available very close to our door. Parking garages can also be found throughout the city, but they are a few blocks away. State Street is often a good place to park and is only a short walk from our front door.

 We must start on time, and if you arrive late, even if it was due to difficulties parking, it is possible you will not be able to participate.

Note: Mon-Sat metered parking is free after 7:00 pm and parking is free on Sundays all-day.

We do not have private parking available to our customers.

Am I locked inside the room?

No, there will be an unlocked door, and you can leave if necessary. The timer will continue to count down from the scheduled start time.

Is it scary?

No, the rooms are not designed to be scary, but they will be exciting!

How long should I plan for my experience to take?

You should plan to arrive on time, but please not earlier than 30 min before your scheduled start time without making arrangements beforehand. You will be welcomed by staff who will tell you everything you need to know for the game. The actual game will last 60 minutes (or less if you escape). Most guests like to have our staff take their photos and explain any clues they might not have understood correctly. We advise to plan 90 minutes or so for the entire experience.

Be sure to factor in time to find street or garage parking when you plan your arrival. We must start on time, and if you arrive late, even if it was due to difficulties parking, it is possible you will not be able to participate.

Who will be in the room with me? Can I book the room as private?

We can only guarantee that your experience will be private if you book a Private Room.  Otherwise, you may meet some great new people and share in the fun together! Some of our escape rooms are designed for larger groups, so all the help will be appreciated!

Can we bring food or beverages with us?

We do not allow any food or beverages in the escape rooms at any time.

We have our private BreakOut Meeting Room available for parties, meetings, or other events of up to 25 people that can be reserved ahead of time for $100 per hour. We do allow food/beverages in the BreakOut Meeting Room ONLY.

Contact us online to reserve the BreakOut Meeting Room.

Chaperones must be present with youth under the age of 18 at all times, including in the BreakOut Meeting Room. Please see our policy on recommended age for more information.

Can you accommodate large groups?

You bet! We are one of the largest escape room complexes in the market. We have five different rooms and can accommodate up to 40 participants at one time. For larger groups or specific questions please contact us by email.

Are you handicap accessible?

Due to being located in an older building, we are unable to be handicap accessible. Please contact us if you have any further questions or concerns.

What is the language of the rooms?

At this time all of our rooms are in American English.

Can I use my cell phone or take photos?

Cell phones are not to be used in the room, and photography or video recording of any type is not allowed. A staff member will be more than happy to take your photo for you after your escape room experience - just ask!

Can I cancel my reservation?

A 50% refund or a complimentary reschedule can be issued if there is more than a 1-week notice prior to the reservation.

Please keep in mind that we can only give one-time reschedules, not refunds or credit, for any cancellations less than one week prior to an event due to the demand of our escape room experiences. These reschedules must be made before the starting time of the original appointment.

No reschedules, credit, or refunds will be given for cancellations less than 24 hours prior to an event. No reschedules, credit, or refunds for no-shows. (“No-show” = more than 20 mins past start time)

No refunds nor reschedules will be given for cancellations less than 24 hours prior to an event.

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