Our Rooms


Escape the Coming Winter

The first of our two newest exciting rooms in our "Rooms of Ice & Fire" theme!

Welcome to beautiful Winter Keep, you've gathered here in the Room of Fire because the Army of Winter is coming! Your only hope to preserve the domain is to rally your bannermen and secure your most powerful weapon of defense - a dragon!

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You are in for quite a surprise at your first day of work as a scientist.  A massive outbreak of a deadly virus is rapidly spreading and it is up to you to save lives! Build the cure molecule and transmit its data to the rest of the world's outbreak hot spots before getting decontaminated yourselves. Hurry!

Please note: even if the room is booked as private, no children under the age of 15 are permitted in the Outbreak rooms.

Note: This room is on our 3rd floor and is accessible exclusively by stairs.

Outbreak – 6-12 people
(not recommended for groups of less than 6 people!)


You are an outlaw gambler in the Wild West in search of loot.  But hold your horses cowboy, this isn't your typical escape room.  You better solve the puzzles quickly so you can collect the reward of up to 70 hidden poker chips and escape!

Note: This room is on our 3rd floor and is accessible exclusively by stairs.

Wanted – 2-5 people

Special Ops

You are part of a covert operations team which has been dropped behind enemy lines in the rogue nation of Konvetski. Your mission is to infiltrate the enemy's command center and disrupt an impending act of mass destruction. Find the abort code and stop the launch!

Special Ops –  4-8 people